Portal Development: Building With Reusable Components

What are Portals and Vortals

Sites like FaceBook, Linked In, Yahoo and MSN are considered portals and are gateways into the Internet for many users. A Portal attracts a broad (horizontal) range of users, whereas Vortals appeal to a more narrowed (vertical) audience.

Vortals focus on a group of people with a specific passion or interest. They are sometimes called ‘online communities’ or ‘ vertical portals.’ For example: If you are interested in IPTV (Internet Protocol TV), go to TVKnob.com. Here you can watch the largest user generated IPTV network on the Planet. Become a fan of a channel or get your own FREE channel.

MetaphorTF builds Portals and Vortals equating to Your very one Online Community. Portal development may include adding several features or components that are not normally found on a typical site. For example, you may need a discussion forum so that your visitors can share ideas or experiences. To get this forum working on your site requires installing a third party software (component).

Reusing Existing Components vs Building From Scratch

The reuse of existing components or the modular approach to building a portal is faster and cost effective

Metaphor creates a custom portal from the ground up or we can integrate pieces that have already been developed. The reuse of existing components or the modular approach to building a portal is faster and more cost effective.

Metaphor installs these components and modules as the building blocks that form the framework of the site, then content can be added to your website. Look at the menu of components below and decide what best fits your business needs.

There are many other components or modules you may wish to add to your Portal/Vortal. Many of these are low cost and cost effective.

Reusable Components: The Building Blocks of Your Site

Shopping Cart

For online purchase of products or services


This allows users to chat online


Shows events or lets users post events


Keyword or phrase search of the whole site

Classified Ads

Allow users or members to post their own classified ads

Rotate Banner Ads

This component displays ads for a specified time on each page

Application Form

Visitors can complete an application and send it via email


Use it for online courses or for fun

Survey and Poll

Get helpful information about visitors coming to your site


Allow visitors to add their favorite links

Step 1: Branding and Corporate Identity (font, color, schema, etc)

Step 2: Create or purchase your web template

Step 3: Installation of Metaphor Technology Farm Components and Modules

Step 4: Site is delivered to client. Client adds personalized content and messages.

Step 5: Marketing and promotion of your website.

Portal Success or Failure?

Portals can grow and have many areas of interest for the visitor. When compared to printed publications, they can range from family newsletters to the Washington Post!

But there’s more to the success of a portal than building it. Many people are surprised that a good Portal is an ongoing process. Once it is designed, developed and published, the Portal then needs visitors. This requires site promotion. Check out our Broadcast Truck in a Backpack at SpeedStream.TV. You now have the power of a terrestrial TV Station!

Components of Portal Website Design

Concept, design and text development

Site development

Installation of components

Graphic and animation development

Banner ad creation

Updating/improving content

(does not include cost of components)

Here is a plug-and-play portal designed to get your online community up and running. It is like ordering off a menu: you describe what you want and we can create the portal. Pick any 6 of the items listed below and email us at contact@metaphor.com. We will spend approximately 50 hours building your portal including the integration of the six components that you select.

Home Page – including 3 additional pages.

Form – 1 feedback form which will be e-mailed to you each time someone fills it in.

Discussion Forum – Here your visitors can post questions and comments. This is the heart of the community.

Links – This component allows visitors to add links to your site. It is similar to Yahoo! or other search engines.

Classified Ads – Allow your visitors to publish their own ads.

Survey – Use this to get customer feedback and at the same time provide a spontaneous way to view compiled results.

Poll – Many people like to know the opinions of others.

Test Poll – Let your visitors test their knowledge.

Banner Ads – Advertise your products or receive income from others. We will create two banners ads for you.

Search – Allow your visitors to search your site for words.

News – Allow your visitors to post information and news.

Site Statistics – We will set you up so that you can easily monitor the number of visitors coming to your portal.

Handbook – These instructions will help you to keep your site going after we have created it.

Guest Book – Here your visitors can post their names and comments.